Acadian Health’s commitment to in-home treatment and patient-centered approach

At Acadian Health, we believe that delivering exceptional healthcare goes beyond providing immediate medical attention. Our success lies in our unwavering commitment to understanding patients of all types and ensuring they receive the most effective and personalized care. Over the past decade, we have maintained an impressive 97% success rate of treating patients in the comfort of their homes, in partnership with provider groups, avoiding the need for a visit to an emergency department.

How do a patient-centered approach, collaborative efforts, and focus on preventive care deliver value to patients, providers, ACOs and health plans?

Putting patients first

Acadian Health firmly believes that patients are at the heart of healthcare. We understand that each individual is unique and requires tailored attention. Our approach begins by empowering patients to call their primary care provider first, ensuring a seamless connection to their established healthcare team. By facilitating this crucial step, we promote continuity of care and encourage patients to maintain strong relationships with their trusted providers.

Collaborating with providers and ACOs

Our dedication to patient well-being extends beyond a single visit. When a patient’s primary care provider requests an in-home treatment for a potentially preventable event, we go the extra mile. Our providers engage directly with the patient’s own healthcare team during the in-home treatment, leveraging the expertise and insights of the provider who knows the patient best. This collaboration not only strengthens the patient-provider relationship but also ensures a comprehensive understanding of the patient’s condition and the most suitable course of action.

Delivering value across the healthcare landscape

Our commitment to reducing unnecessary emergency room visits, hospital stays, and gaps in care is driven by a shared goal of improving quality, outcomes, and the total cost of care. By partnering with hospitals, ACOs, health plans, and provider groups, we work collaboratively to identify individuals who need a personalized approach. We emphasize a patient-centered approach that empowers members to take control of their health status, with minimal ongoing support from a case manager or additional resources. Our focus is to deliver appropriate and necessary care while efficiently moving on to the next individual in need.

Together with hospitals, ACOs, health plans, and provider groups, we strive to enhance patient-provider relationships, promote proactive care, and empower individuals to take control of their health.

Ben Swig

Authored by:

Benjamin Swig

Director, Acadian Health

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