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Acadian Health delivers on the last mile of healthcare by bridging the gap between patient and provider. We are able to provide unparalleled service by utilizing tools from our corporate partners.

SMART Charts

Providing diversified care in the field presents unique challenges every day. Acadian Health utilizes Smart Charts to maximize experience and expertise of the ground team and document all important and relevant issues to the point of care.

Smart Charts provide the fastest, most accurate and versatile way to chart patient care.

  • Standard Smart Charts include industry standard assessments such as STEADI Fall Risk, AUDIT-C, Columbia Suicide Screening and more
  • Custom Smart Charts allow tracking of vitals, disease specific assessments, time tracking and referrals
  • Assessments can be bundled into groups to complete a collection in one click
  • Smart Charts are able to be completed on demand or scheduled for a future visit, phone call or video conference
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Care Teams

Care Networks allow Acadian Health to help get people better faster.

These networks break down the barriers that have traditionally separated communities with desktop and mobile devices. Team members can quickly and securely connect to providers, specialists, charitable organizations, community resources, non-profits, and government agencies.

Furthermore, these Care Teams provide individualized care specific to each patient’s needs, safely and securely communicate with their members, and easily share information getting people the help they need.



Designed for virtual care and Emergency Triage, Treat, and Transport (ET3) initiatives, video services provide secure, quality live streaming for up to four people.

Video is easily launched within the mobile platform to invite patients, care providers and others. Recipients simply click on the secure link to join the video conference. No apps to install, no registration and no licensing make the video call easy, secure and highly scalable.

Fully integrated video streamlines and automates documentation and billing. Participants, time, duration, encounter notes, and assessment data can be automatically exported for billing.

Remote Patient Monitoring

The patented APR system automates routine patient interactions and assessments while educating patients and encouraging healthier self-care behaviors leading to superior outcomes.

APR works as an extension of Acadian Health’s care team enabling more proactive care for larger populations in less time.

This automated risk-based monitoring system follows up with each patient routinely via text, phone, and email, checking on new and worsening symptoms, key biometrics, and satisfaction.

The software conducts thousands of automated APR assessments daily for chronic disease management, supply replenishment, patient satisfaction, appointment reminders, and insurance verification.

Benefits of APR

  • Increase patient engagement with patented, proven automated patient response system
  • Integrations with care plans
  • Individualized assessments by patient as needed
  • Flexible alerting via customized notification tools
  • Seamless integration with Bluetooth Biometric devices such as scales, blood pressure cuffs, pulse oximetry, and active trackers

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