Acadian Health Texas Mobile Health Paramedic Don J. has built a rapport with many of his patients. He shares a story of how empathy and advocacy has created a lasting impact for one patient.

One of Don’s patients is a quadruple amputee due to diabetes and cardiac arrest. For more than three years, Mr. C had been trying to get prosthetic legs, but was struggling to get the paperwork signed by his physician. After calling the prosthetics manufacturer, Don found that they had also reached out to the doctor multiple times to no avail.

Don became an advocate for his patient and persevered in obtaining the approval for the prosthetic legs. Don also worked to get transportation arranged for the patient to receive his wheelchair. After three and a half years, Mr. C was able to get his prosthetic legs.

Thanks to our ability to track social determinants of health and build relationships with our patients, we are able to make impacts that go beyond a clinical scope.




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