Ambulance services are playing a larger part in home-based care. Learn from Acadian Ambulance and Acadian Health how urgent care and emergency room level care in the home can decrease unnecessary ER use and hospitalizations.

Join subject matter experts from Acadian Ambulance and Acadian Health for a webinar discussing home-based care initiatives focused on reducing ER use by 911 callers, covering best practices, lessons learned, and the benefits to patients, providers and health plans. The webinar will be held on Zoom on Monday, September 26, 2022 at 2 p.m.

Acadian Ambulance Chief Medical Officer Dr. Chuck Burnell, Physician Assistant Aaron Webb, Acadian Health Director Benjamin Swig and Operations Director Richard Belle will serve as the webinar’s speakers.

View the recording here.

For the past several years, Acadian Ambulance has been a leader in working with federal and state officials, insurance companies, and other healthcare providers to offer alternative models for patient care when a trip to the hospital can be prevented.

Leveraging care coordination with providers, EMTs and paramedics are able to treat in place or provide alternative destination transportation, allowing crews the ability to offer alternative solutions to best meet patients’ needs. Both models provide cost savings to the patient and their insurers, reduce provider panel medical loss ratios (MLR), and offer quicker, more convenient care.

The programs are ever expanding, with additional point of care diagnostics, advanced formularies, and the inclusion of behavioral health telehealth services being rolled out in parts of Acadian’s service area.

Acadian Ambulance Chairman & CEO Richard Zuschlag said, “Acadian Ambulance has been a leader in mobile healthcare. We continue to invest in innovation to ensure Acadian remains an industry leader in the next generation of EMS. By continuing to develop meaningful partnerships with health plans, health systems and providers, we continue to improve patient care while reducing costs for all.”

Founded in 1971, Acadian Ambulance is one of the largest ambulance services in the nation, providing emergency and non-emergency medical transportation and services to areas in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and Tennessee. It is employee-owned and accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services, and its sister division, Acadian Air Med, is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems.

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